My Very First HouseParty

My Add a Zing with TAJIN® House Party

      If you don’t already know what HouseParty is, it’s basically a site for you to apply to host parties for products or brands you most likely already know about. Sometimes you might have never heard of the items or brands but I haven’t come across that yet. When you apply there are a few activities to get you recognized and then there’s a small wait to see if you were approved to host the party. Once approved you’ll invite your friends and family according to what the product is. The more you invite the better chances you have to host parties in the future, but also the quality of your party and whether or not you do the activities they have for you. In return they send you a package of goodies for you and your guest for the party. What I like about them is you get to choose and apply what parties you’d like to host and the brands are pretty interactive with you. Also who doesn’t love a reason to hang out with your friends and family.

       So, onto my party!!! Since it was my first one I’m pretty good with how it turned out. While I knew the jiff of what was supposed to happen or what you’re going to do, it wasn’t until I received the package from Tajin & HouseParty and the activities went live that I really knew what I got myself into. First things first, Tajin is a blend made from a select combination of world-class Mexican chilies, lime juice and sea salt that you use to add a zing to your food or beverages. Also, in my package there was an apron with the brand logo on it (which my toddler refuses to take off ) a hat, mini Tajin bottles to pass out to guests, Tajin rim salt, a recipe book and coupons to hand out. It also came with a full size Tajin bottle to make one of the recipes in the book. In the end I had a lot of fun and I actually really like Tajin, in my Michelada, on my corn, in marinade, and on fruit! It’s all yummo! I posted a few pictures of the party below along with a link that will take you to my profile page, till next time!



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