O.B Original Super

When I accepted the o.b.® Original™ Super Mission from Smiley360 I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only was it my first Smiley Mission but it was an aplicator free tampon. Ouch was all I could think of or wow that’s going to be messy. In my package I was to expect a 40-ct sample of o.b.® Original™ Super tampons, five coupons to share, an o.b.® educational booklet, and a Smiley sharing guide. It didn’t take that long for my package to arrive and everything but the o.b.® educational booklet was in it. I was actually a little disappointed about not getting the educational booklet, I was curious to see what information would have been in it. Was it like for first time tampon users or for someone brand new to the menstrual world? I guess I’ll never know. 

So what do I actually think about o.b.® Original™ Super tampons? Well, my first impression is how small the box is that they come in, usually tampon boxes are long or wide. With the o.b.® Original™ box you could probably put the entire thing in a good sized purse or diaper bag if you need to. I honestly can’t believe there are actually 40 super tampons in there. The tampon itself is about the size of pinky in width and height. It has a small, thin amount of plastic protecting it and is easily opened. It’s extremely smooth and soft and has a groove all around in which they state are Fluid-Lock grooves for leak protection (something every girl needs). There is an umbrella shape at the bottom to help insert and a long draw string to help assist you to remove it. The bottom of the tampon is where you actually place your finger to insert it. The string is pulled out and then moved from side to side to widen the bottom just enough to put your finger and place it. I really love how small and discreet the tampon and box itself is. I can really appreciate the fact that they’d make it almost unnoticed. Not everyone is comfortable walking around with bright colored tampons or long ones either. I myself don’t care but I can see where in certain places or occasions you’d want to be discreet and slip away to handle your business. 

When it came time to use o.b® Original™ Super tampons, I was a little nervous at first, but to be honest I had zero issues. It was however a little messy on my heavier days but other than that it was fine. It wasn’t painful in any way with out an applicator and easy to dispose of. And it lived up to its standards, zero leaks and comfortable. Overall I definitely recommend o.b® Original™ Super tampons or at least look into them and do a little more research. 

Till Next Time,

I received o.b® Original™ Super tampons thru Smiley360 however all opinions are of my own. http://h5.sml360.com/-/2tqj5


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