NESTEA® Single Serve

I received new NESTEA® Single Serve from MyMagazine Sharing Network (I’ll leave a link for you below for those of you more interested in their program) and tbh while I love NESTEA®, I wasn’t impressed. I do love the new shape to the bottle which allows you to get a better grip while you drink it, but I wasn’t a fan of the flavor over all.

I received two coupons and tried NESTEA® Real Brewed Green Tea and Slightly Sweet Black Tea both of which I purchased at Kroger. I went back and also bought their Lemon Flavored Tea to try. My favorite one was the NESTEA® Slightly Sweet Black Tea, I just loved how smooth the tea was and it was just the right amount of sweetness. I can see myself pouring it into a nice tall glass full of ice and maybe add some lemon wedges and would definitely buy more in the future. The NESTEA® Lemon was okay, I felt like I had to add sugar to it because something was still missing. It was just lacking in sweetness but the lemon flavor was definitely present, it just wasn’t enough for me personally. My least favorite was NESTEA® Organic Slightly Sweet Green Tea, yuck is all I can say. By far the grossest green tea I’ve ever come across. I took maybe two sips and that was it, there was no way I could drink that and I like green tea. It was very bitter and while it claims to be slightly sweet, to me there was no presence of any sweetness. It also left an after taste, over all this was a complete negative for me. I guess when I think of Iced Tea (in any form) that Southern Girl part of me kicks in and expects a certain level of flavor; but don’t knock it till you try it, everybody’s taste buds are different 😉.


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While I did receive NESTEA® as a promotion thru MyMagazine Sharing Network all opinions formed are of my own.



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