First blog post

Hi!! My name is Erika and I’m starting this new adventure of Blogging!!! Just a little about me…let’s see, I am currently a Stay at Home Mom, married to my Best Friend, have two beautiful daughters (2 & 4), oddly cupcake obsessed and probably drink way more coffee than I should. While I am NOT a makeup artist, I do love to find new beauty products and play around with styles but I probably wont start a trend lol. I also really like finding new products and reviewing and posting about them, especially if I really love an item. I am usually the one behind the camera, I hope to share those on future posts with you. I love snapping photos of just about everything and everyone I love. This post also happens to fall on my 31st birthday (wow time flies when you’re a mom). So I hope you decide to take this journey with me and check out my blog every now and then. I’m sure it’ll be messy but tons of fun!