Mott’sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches

I recently received Mott’sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches from MyMagazine Sharing Network and I have to say my kiddos really enjoyed them. I of course had to get one to try out for myself and it immediately took me back to my childhood days. I remember always drinking apple juice out of those little boxes or in those weird pouches at school for breakfast. Those were the first memories I thought of while drinking Mott’sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches with my girls, super nostalgic.

I love the fact that Mott’sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches provide 1-1/2 servings of fruit per pouch. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in every single nutrient your child needs, especially if the day just turned hectic. I definitely have been guilty of skipping food groups to get in a quick meal. I also love that my toddler can get all her juice out of the pouch, unlike a box or sippi cup. All she has to do is squeezes a little and she’s fine, instead of turning it upside or fighting with a box. I also like the pouch design because it’s easier to put into my bag on the go, unlike a bottle or box that’s conformed to one shape. I don’t mind my kiddos asking for this apple juice to have with a snack or lunch and will be buying these in the near future!


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While I did receive Mott’sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches as a promotion thru MyMagazine Sharing Network all opinions formed are of my own.

Mott'sĀ® 100% Juice Pouches